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  • KTC - Málaga (english)

KTC - Málaga (english)

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  • Definition and Mision:

CIEDES Foundation leads the development of the Knowledge Transfer Center of Methodology and Best Practices in Strategic Planning in the Mediterranean (KTC Málaga), within USUDS projects, ENPI Cooperation Program.

Vision: KTC Málaga must be a reference entity in USUDS network, with a broad technology base and at the forefront of strategic planning urban governance, based on a subnet of cities, experts and partners, serves plans and strategic projects of the municipalities and territorial.

Our mission is to understand, analyze, maintain, increase and disseminate methodologies, tools and practices of strategic planning processes in the Mediterranean, encouraging the creation of stable subnets to exchange experiences and knowledge, within USUDS network, and the alliances for the formulation and implementation of strategic projects shared between cities

  • Objectives and Actions:


  1. Identify, collect and put at the service of partners a "box of tools and methods."
  2. Identify, organize and disseminate best and worst practices in processes, and learn by modeling the strategic projects.
  3. Create a space for joint work of qualified professionals with long-term vision.
  4. Incorporate new technologies to the work of the network and its projects.


  1. Creation of the box tools and methods for responsible local government, experts and professionals.
  2. Selecting a first group of best and worst practices that help cities beginning its strategic planning and flagship projects.
  3. Using the method of case with different practices carried out in either partner cities and in other cities, to analyze and draw conclusions. Prioritize the needs of USUDS cities performing strategic plans (Sousse, Saida and Larnaka) and KTC Sfax and Al Fayhaa.
  4. Identification of a group of cities and professionals who can add value to networking.
  5. Animation online discussions and reflections on the 3 thematic blocks (Constant innovation in the processes of strategic planning; Monitoring, evaluation and reformation of strategic plans; Strategic alliances and public-private) and some of its key elements.
  6. Developing a joint publication.
  7. Presentation of publication at a Seminar in 2013 (Sfax, Tunisia)
  • USUDS Network

The overall objective of the action is to promote the sustainble development and the social cohesion of Mediterranean cities through the use of urban sustainable development strategies (USUDS) and networking.

The constitution of a network of cities in the region to advance USUDS will be carried out on tow parallel fronts: the cities that have already developed Strategic Plan experiences and those cities that want to develop them, and look toward the network assistance. One of the networking main activities is the creation of specialised centres for the transfer of knowledge (KTC) based in Málaga, Sfax and Al Fayhaa.

Therefore, KTC Malaga is creating a stable group of experts on sustainable urban development and social cohesion strategies to facilitate the knowledge sharing about methodology and best practices, and to promote cooperation projects on urban strategic issues; and creating working groups on specific issues in order to develop new methodologies that will be collected and disseminated to all the interested groups.

From there, will be carried out the publishing of materials and guidelines, training of technicians and managers, and personalized advice to responsible for urban strategic planning processes.

We have established three thematics blocks:

1. Continuous innovation in strategic planning processes
2. Monitoring, evaluation and reformulation of strategic plans
3. Strategic alliances and public-private participation

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